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The Possible Personal Injuries And Their Severity

Whenever the accident happens because of the recklessness or negligence of another individual, it is necessary to immediately address the injuries that resulted from the accident to prevent the long-term damage. In the very serious case, injuries not only become long-term but permanent, and badly affects the enjoyment and quality life of the victim and also their capability to work. Usually, the ones who are the victim of terrible injuries need some kind of rehabilitation or medical care for the rest of the lives.

Catastrophic injuries from accidents are severe and can be permanent injuries that sometimes result in permanent disability. If you or someone you know is involved in the accident that caused such sort of injury, then the first thing to do is to get medical attention and then consult the San Diego personal injury lawyer to assist you to pursue the options to get compensation. There are a lot of ways that someone could become the victim of these serious injuries.

Spinal cord and Spine Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord or spine are very severe because these usually damage the other parts of a body. Spinal cord or spine are so closely linked to the central nervous system, the loss of the limbs function or other body systems happen in this type of injury. People won’t be able to work if with thee lifelong disabilities or unable to facilitate their families or themselves, and not to mention the pile up medical bills.

Head and Brain Injuries

Although the bone of the skull is thick which protects the brain from penetration of the bones, damages, blunt force trauma will leave the lasting impact on the brain function and have very little chance of full recovery. The brain is in-charge for extremely important functions such as motor control, memory, personality, and more. Having a head or brain injury will affect these functions seriously, and impact the quality of life of the victim. Similar to the spinal cord or spine injuries, the lost function of body parts could mean the permanent assistant of medical care for the rest of the life of a victim.

Accidental Amputation

It’s a very traumatic experience to lose a limb, and in many cases, people experience neurological issues that show the condition of the phantom limb. During recovery after losing the limb, the rehabilitation is an exhausting experience which could take weeks or months to undergo recovery. Also, there is no guarantee to go back to their last job or enjoy it in the same way as before after losing limbs in the accidents. The victim should take into the consideration when approaching the personal injury lawyer that how their quality of life was affected as this is one of the serious aspects of living with a long-term disability due to the injury caused by another person’s negligence. In such type of cases one should hire the attorney who have already done best LSAT resource for better results.

Organ Damage

Depending on the accident severity, a complete recovery from the organ damage could not be possible. The organs such as skin, eyes, liver, lungs, and intestinal tracts are at risk for life-altering, permanent damage in the accident. The injury to one or more organs of the body lead to other disabilities and conditions could affect the victim’s life badly.


Dahlia Tour Bus Crash in Madison, Connecticut

The Hartford Courant reports on the recent Madison, Connecticut bus crash:

For a Free Consultation with a Connecticut Bus Crash Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Lawsuit Filed in Pedestrian Fatality Case in Manchester, Connecticut

Connecticut Auto Injury Lawyer Tim O’Keefe has filed a lawsuit in connection with a hit and run automobile crash which occurred in Manchester, Connecticut.  “The victim of the crash was hospitalized at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut.  Despite their absolute best efforts to save her, she ultimately succumbed to her injuries and died.  It is a very sad case.”  Tim O’Keefe.

For a Free Consultation with a Connecticut Auto Injury Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Lawsuit Filed in Bicycle Injury Case in Middletown CT

Connecticut Bicycle Injury Lawyer Tim O’Keefe has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Connecticut man who suffered serious injuries when struck by a moving SUV vehicle in Middletown, Connecticut.  “The SUV driver clearly was not paying attention to what was going on in front of him and he struck our client and seriously injured him.  The goal with this lawsuit is to help our client obtain some financial resources to help him put his life back together. ”  Tim O’Keefe

If you need a Free Consultation with a Connecticut Bicycle Injury Lawyer, contact us directly.

Hartford Police Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

The Hartford Courant reports on an initiative undertaken by the Hartford Police Department to step up enforcement of Connecticut’s distracted driving laws:

If you have been injured by a Distracted Driver, please contact us for a Free Legal Consultation.

Man Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver in Hartford

Read the report in the Hartford Courant here:


If you need a Free Consultation with a Connecticut Automobile Accident Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Student Injured in School Bus Crash in Hartford

A special education student was taken to the hospital after a school bus crash in Hartford, Connecticut.  The Hartford Courant has the story here:


If you want a Free Consultation of a Connecticut School Bus Accident Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Automobile Crashes Reported in Hartford, Connecticut Area

Read the Hartford Courant report here:


If you need a Free Consultation with a Hartford Automobile Accident Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Criminal Sentencing in Rockville Highlights Dangers of Drinking and Driving

The Hartford Courant reports on a five year prison sentence given to Connor McKee in connection with an automobile crash that occurred in Hebron, Connecticut:


If you want a Free Consultation with an experienced Connecticut Crime Victim Lawyer, please contact us directly.

Serious Automobile Crash in New Hartford, Connecticut

The Hartford Courant reports on a very serious one car automobile crash which occurred in New Hartford, Connecticut:


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