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Tim O’Keefe is an established Connecticut trial lawyer who is dedicated to representing automobile injury victims in claims for financial compensation for their harms and losses. If you are interested in pursuing a potential claim, please contact us for a Free Consultation. is launched, aims to help victims, a new website launched in early 2011, is a new resource for people who have been injured by the negligent operation of an automobile or tractor-trailer truck.

The site will provide useful information to those people who have experienced an automobile or trucking related injury, and provide some guidance about what steps to take in gathering information, and how to get help with an automobile or trucking claim. Provided by experienced lawyers, this resource will also describe an injury victim’s rights under the law and how to recover legal compensation for these types of injuries.

For more information about how to assist those who have suffered serious automobile or trucking related injuries, fill out the form at the right of this page or call the number above.

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